Oil barrel seating set

The barrel seating groups by ‘Tonnen Tumult’ oildrum.shop

The combination of oil barrel chair, oil drum sofa and barrel table. Get oil drum ideas here and put together your own ‘Tonnen Tumult’ oildrum.shop seating group by putting the individual oil drum furniture in the shopping cart. Here you will find a small selection of loft-style lounge oil barrel seating groups for sale. This could be the angular “Nino” oil drum table with two “Evi” barrel sofas, or an “Ed” oil drum bar table with matching “Ruby” oil drum bar stools. The “Mick” oil barrel dining table can also be combined with several “Frieda” barrel chairs, the “Liam” oil barrel chairs or the exclusive “Carla” oil barrel sofa. There are endless possible combinations, you can build your own oil drum furniture or put it together individually here at ‘Tonnen Tumult’ oildrum.shop and buy it as an oil drum seating group. Suitable for any use, whether as an oil drum seating lounge privately for the terrace or garage. Commercially provided with a logo, the oil drum seating areas are super practical eye-catchers with oversized advertising effectiveness.

Large lounge set made from oil drum furniture

Barrel seating group with large oil drum sofa

The Basic oil barrel seating group is the perfect choice for anyone looking for unique and sustainable pieces of furniture. The set consists of the XXL oil barrel sofa “Jane”, two oil barrel tables “Nele” and two oil barrel chairs “Lou”. Each piece of furniture is made from a recycled oil barrel, giving your room a very special touch.

The high-quality workmanship ensures that you will enjoy this oil barrel furniture set for a long time. The tables and chairs offer additional storage space.

Gelbe Sitzgruppe: XXL Upcycling Oelfassmoebel Sofa "Jane", Sessel "Lou" und Couchtisch "Nele"
The oil barrel seating group is perfect for use in the entrance area or reception and gives your room a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Ölfass Tisch und vier Stühle in Gelb mit roten Flammen und schwarzen Beinen auf weißem Holzboden.
Oil barrel seating set from the Unico series by ‘Tonnen Tumult’: Oil barrel glass table ‘Mick‘ and barrel chairs ‘Liam’. Can be ordered as a complete set or individually.

Oil drum dining set in flame optics

An extraordinary barrel seating set

Oil drum dining table “Mick” with transparent glass table top and four matching oil drum chairs “Liam”. Here with elaborate flame airbrush painting. The oil drum furniture of this seating set is of course also available in other designs. Also available in plain colors like black, red, white or grey. This barrel furniture set fits perfectly in the kitchen, on the terrace or in the garden. The furniture is weatherproof. The lounge dining set is also ideal for use in gastronomy. Oil drum table “Mick” can also be supplied with a black natural stone table top instead of glass.

Small barrel seating lounge with sofa and stools

The bestseller among barrel furniture seating groups

This lounge seating group consists of barrel sofa “Ella” and two barrel armchairs “Lou”, which are perfectly complemented by a round oil barrel coffee table “Otto”. The stylish composition is a real eye-catcher and creates a cozy atmosphere in your office, workshop or on your terrace. The seating group is not only a visual highlight, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Unique pieces of furniture are created from used industrial goods by upcycling oil drums and reclaimed pallet wood. Each piece is unique and is made by hand.

Rote Upcycling Sitzgruppe: Sofa "Ella", Sessel "Lou" und Tisch "Otto" aus Oelfaessern
Our oil barrel seating group is not just a special lounge set, but a statement for sustainability and design.

Ölfass-Sitzgruppe 'Leo' + 'Nino' von Tonnentumult in Rot und Gelb auf der Wiese - Von der Seite
The oil barrel seating group consists of the ‘Nino’ ​​table and four ‘Leo’ oil barrel chairs and can be ordered online in various colours. Choose the colors that best suit your style and personality and create a cozy atmosphere.

Lounge seating set made from upcycling barrels

A classic with barrel chairs and oil drum table

Four oil drum chairs “Leo” and in the middle the oil drum coffee table “Nino”. The table offers plenty of space for drinks and snacks, and there is additional storage space under the tabletop. The seats of the oil drum chairs offer a spacious area with a diameter of approx. 56 centimetres. The built-in handles make it easy to lift and move the chair. Table top and seats here in the basic wood version: upcycled and flamed pallet wood. The barrel armchair and the oil barrel table are available in different colors, just click on the product links of the oil barrel furniture pieces.

Large dining table seating area to linger

Magnificent lounge set made from oil drums

The oil barrel furniture series “Unico” in full variety, this lounge set offers space for four to six people. Two stylish oil barrel sofas and two super comfortable armchairs with high Backrests surround the large oil drum table “Mick” in the middle. The black granite slab on the table looks classy and is very easy to clean. The dining table “Mick” you can also order with a glass table top. All pieces of furniture in the Unico series are weatherproof. A really magnificent set of seating for the catering trade or for private use: on the terrace, for the men’s cave or for the kitchen. Various colors and airbrush designs available.

Ölfass Sitzgruppe in Weiß mit schwarzen Sitzpolstern, bestehend aus zwei kleinen Sofas, zwei Sesseln und einem Tisch mit Granitplatte auf weißem Holzboden.
Oil barrel seating group from the ‘Tonnen Tumult’ Unico series: 2x barrel sofa ‘Carla’, dining table ‘Mick’ with granite table top and 2x barrel armchairs ‘Frieda’ in white. Can be ordered as a complete set or individually.

Schwarze Upcycling Moebel: Sofa "Ella" und passender Couchtisch "Nele" in Matt Schwarz mit Holz Flaechen
Loungy oil drum seating group for the terrace. This oil drum furniture is also particularly good in a café or the reception room.

The oil barrel sofa seating group is an eye-catcher

The oil drum lounge seat set with style

This oil barrel seating group looks just as good free-standing in the room as it is positioned against the wall. Two upcycled oil barrel sofas “Ella” with the large barrel furniture table “Nele” in the middle. The reclaimed pallet wood now adorns the table and seat surfaces of the oil drum furniture. A wonderfully eye-catching lounge seating group for the coffee break, also ideal on a trade fair stand or in a showroom. Equipped with your own logo, the barrel furniture becomes practical advertising media.

The Mini Lounge seating set made from barrels

Small but fine – the starter oil barrel set.

Two “Leo” armchairs with “Otto” lounge table. The small oil drum set fits in the waiting area, on the exhibition stand or on the balcony. All three parts are made from used 200 liter oil barrels and make a great picture. All wooden surfaces are flamed, which brings the cozy flair to the wood. The oil barrel table can also be fitted with a glass table top and there are also optional handmade upholstery for the seats of the oil barrel chairs.

Ölfass-Sitzgruppe 'Otto' und 'Leo' von Tonnentumult in Gelb im Garten
The small seating group consists of an oil barrel table ‘Otto’ and two barrel chairs ‘Leo’ and can be ordered online in various colours.
Ölfass Sitzgruppe in Grau mit schwarzen Sitzpolstern, bestehend aus vier Sesseln und einem Tisch mit Granitplatte auf weißem Holzboden.
Oil barrel seating group from the Unico series by ‘Tonnen Tumult’: ‘Mick’ barrel table with granite table top and 4 x ‘Frieda’ armchairs in grey. Can be ordered as a complete set or individually.

Oil barrel seating set with four armchairs

A barrel furniture lounge set for four people.

Four of the chilled “Frieda” oil drum chairs are lined up around the high “Mick” oil drum table with its elegant, black natural stone tabletop. There is a spacious storage compartment in the barrel body under the table top. All cut edges of the table and the armchairs are provided with edge protection. This oil barrel seating group can easily be placed outside. The firmly attached seat cushions of the oil barrel chairs have a weatherproof PVC cover and there is storage space in the barrel cut-out at the bottom of the chairs.

Oil drum bar table set with bar stools

Unique bar table seating group with wooden surfaces.

The ‘Tonnen Tumult’ bar table “Ed” with many shelves. The table and shelf surfaces have been painstakingly created from flamed pallet boards. Each oil drum bar table is unique and has an ideal height of 110cm. Shown here with two “Ruby” bar stools in black. The oil barrel stools are made from 100 liter barrels and have a surrounding footrest ring. The seats are upholstered and covered with a weatherproof PVC cover. This bar table set fits perfectly in the break room, on the terrace or in front of your restaurant.

Sitzgruppe aus Ölfass Möbeln auf hellem Holzboden, bestehend aus einem roten Stehtisch und zwei schwarzen Barhocker.
High table ‘Ed’ and two black bar stools ‘Ruby’. Can be ordered as a complete set or individually..

You’re spoiled for choice – ‘Tonnen Tumult’ barrel furniture.

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