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The oil drum chair by “Tonnen Tumult” oildrum.shop

The upholstered chair with backrest, a classic with four legs. “Liam” dining room chair is nevertheless a special oil drum chair, because the seat shell was once a 200 liter steel drum. We deliberately mounted the lower part of the barrel at an angle to create a high level of seating comfort. Their spacious seats of the oil barrel chairs are well padded and covered with a weatherproof PVC cloth, so this barrel chair is also well suited for outdoor use.

All edges are equipped with a plastic edge protection and the feet have rubber caps. So this oil drum chair is suitable for any floor, whether tile, carpet or wooden floor. In addition, the rubber caps can also be provided with felt gliders. Chair seat height of 45 centimeters is ideal for the dining table but also for any other use. Once you have taken a seat in the comfortable upholstered chair, you will not want to get up. The upholstered “Liam” barrel chair goes wonderfully with our “Mick” dining table, but also with any other dining table with a standard height of 70 to 80 centimetres.

We have the “Liam” dining chair in several colours. A logo branding fits perfectly on the back of the oil drum chair. You can find suitable oil drum tables here, which can be freely combined. We have put together a few examples under seating groups.

More barrel furniture

Feel free to look around here in the “Tonnen Tumult” oildrum.shop, here you will find many more oil drum ideas to build yourself or you can shop the finished oil drum furniture directly here.

The “Liam” oil drum chair is a unique piece of furniture from the exclusive Unico series by “Tonnen Tumult”. Each piece of seating furniture in this series has weatherproof seat cushions that are firmly attached. The furniture is dent-free and multi-layered lacquered, making it unique oil drum furniture not found anywhere else. In addition, the furniture is sustainable and environmentally friendly because it is made from industrial goods that have already been used. With a piece of furniture from the Unico series by “Tonnen Tumult” you get a unique and sustainable one-off in your home.


Black, Bricks, Flames, Grey, Red, White


ca. 60cm


ca. 65cm


ca. 80cm

Seat height

ca. 45cm


ca. 11kg

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