Oil drum lamps & clocks

The oil barrel lamps and clocks by 'Tonnen Tumult' oildrum.shop

Hanging lamps and wall clocks made of metal barrels for sale, wonderful to look at in the industrial loft style. Oil barrel hanging lamps made of 50 liter oil drums for your private rooms or for your business. In the gastro area as pendant lights above the tables, in the workshop as metal hanging lamps or in the office as modern pendant lamps above the desks. These oil drum ceiling lights bring a unique retro flair to your premises with the additional wave cut, fits as a hanging lamp in the living room, as a ceiling lamp in the kitchen and also as an upcycling lamp in the youth room. The barrel lamps from 'Tonnen Tumult' oildrum.shop are simply multifunctional. Buy oil barrel lamps and many other oil drum furniture in many different colors. Brand new are the oil barrel wall clocks made from 60 liter barrels.

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