Barrel shelves & cabinets

The oil drum shelves & cupboards by 'Tonnen Tumult'

Barrel racks made from 60 liter oil drums and oil drum racks made from 200 liter barrels. The furniture series by 'Tonnen Tumult' offers you different barrel wall shelves, standing oil drum shelves, wine racks, bottle shelfes made from upcycled oil drums, which can also be used as a minibar and home bar. Uniquely beautiful barrel racks and particularly practical storage space miracles. Oil drum shelves for the office, for the workshop or for at home. Also ideal in the men's garage or as a bedside table in the bedroom. Small oil barrel wall shelves as key board in the entrance area or barrel cabinets for the living room. You can get oil drum ideas here and build your new oil drum shelf yourself or buy your new oil drum furniture right here, available immediately. The oil drum rack will be the highlight in your premises, no matter whether you set up the drum racks privately at home or decorate your commercial premises with them. We would also be happy to place your logo on your new oil drum furniture, just ask for the 'Tonnen Tumult' branding service.

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