Oil barrel chair “Frieda”


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The chilled oil barrel chair with two tiers.

Oil drum armchair ‘Frieda’ is built extremely robustly from a 200 liter metal barrel. It has a comfortable and waterproof seat cushion made of PVC synthetic leather. The extra sloping backrest makes the oil barrel chair more comfortable than all the others, because they usually have a steep barrel wall backrest at a 90 degree angle. The rounded backrest of the “Tonnen Tumult” armchair “Frieda” is welded at an angle to the oil drum armchair. Your back fits so perfectly into the backrest that you are guaranteed not to want to get up so quickly.

The opening at the bottom of the oil drum chair offers additional storage space, but is also a popular place for your pet to sleep. Put a matching pillow in there as a dog bed / cat bed and your pet will love this sleeping den. The oil drum chair can be used both indoors and outdoors as the upholstery and paint are weatherproof. Nevertheless, we recommend placing the furniture under a roof or covering it if it is not going to be used for a long time, so that the unique look is preserved for many years.

Each ‘Frieda’ armchair is unique and is painstakingly made by hand. The paint is also sprayed on by hand in many layers (matt colors) – so no flame and no stone are alike in the airbrush motifs. All edges on the armchair are provided with a safe edge protection and the bottom fold is equipped with a robust rubber coating.

As an upgrade, the “Rolli” sliding board is an option, with which you can easily move your oil drum chair and also increase the seat height by 5 cm. Branding / logo attachment is also possible on the large area on the back. Feel free to look under oil drum seating groups, there you will see representations of entire sets.

More Unico barrel furniture

“Frieda” armchair is a Unico furniture. All seating furniture in the Unico series has fixed, weatherproof seat cushions. All Unico products such as the ‘Carla’ sofa, ‘Mick’ dining table with storage space, ‘Chill’ hanging chair and also the ‘Ruby’ bar stool are “Tonnen Tumult” exclusive products. Dent free and multi coat painted (filled, primed, painted & clear coated). You will not find comparable oil drum furniture anywhere else. Unico is a special series of “Tonnen Tumult” oildrum.shop and is characterized by high quality and exclusivity.

Sustainable anyway! Our oil drum furniture are upcycling products, i.e. industrial goods that have already been used and have been modified into a piece of furniture.


Black, Bricks, Flames, Grey, Red, White


ca. 60cm


ca. 65cm


ca. 75cm

Seat height

ca. 40cm


ca. 15kg

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