Oil drum Sofa “Evi”

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The sofa for two people. A 200-litre metal barrel serves as the basis for this great Tonnen Tumult oil barrel sofa, the backrest consists of the separated part of the barrel. The individually made feet of the sofa look like small shock absorbers. The unique retro style of the oil drum couch is ideally complemented by the selected matt colors and the offset contours. The finished edges are provided with edge protection. The robust seat is fitted with sanded, flamed pallet wood and has a clear lacquer finish. There is room for two people (of normal stature) on this retro sofa.

Upgrade the oil drum sofa even more with our high-quality upholstered cushionin retro diamond look with double stitching. All oil barrel furniture can be brandedand we are also happy to implement special color requests.

At this point, we would like to point out that Tonnen Tumult furniture are perfectly finished but visually imperfect! They are upcycled products, i.e., already used industrial goods that have been modified into a piece of furniture. The bins have occasional small dents under the new lacquer and the wooden boards have small nail holes. These mini-flaws are visible even after processing and are also intentional! This is retro-industrial style! In addition, the underside of the bottom fold or the feet can have slight scratches due to motion during processing, but these are not visible in use (as written, underside).


Black, Black-White, Green, Green-White, Lightblue, Lightblue-White, Orange, Orange-Black, Pink, Pink-White, Red, Red-White, White, White-Black, Yellow, Yellow-Black


90 cm


70 cm


72 cm

Seat height

36 cm


24 kg

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