Oil barrel chair “Leo”

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You can also order a matching seat cushion or a roller board for this armchair.

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The chilled oil barrel chair

The lounge stool ‘Leo’ is just right for you! Made from a 200 liter metal barrel, this “Tonnen Tumult” armchair is a real eye-catcher. But not only the exterior is convincing – the practical backrest with handle makes it easy to lift and move this stool. In addition, this upcycling oil barrel chair comes in a chic retro style. Matt colors with contrasting contours ensure a glossy appearance and the black edge protection edges make the oil drum stool even more robust. But the best comes last: The seat of the oil barrel armchair is made from former disposable pallets and sanded clean, flamed and varnished. Can you imagine taking a seat on this unique piece of furniture? Then get the oil barrel chair ‘Leo’ and show the world that you not only think stylishly, but also think sustainably!

There are great upgrades for the oil barrel armchair: for example, ‘Leo’ can be rolled instead of pushed with the practical castor board. If you want ‘Leo’ to be a touch more comfortable and stylish, you can add our comfortable seat pad with double stitch diamond stitching.

Another upgrade is to apply your logo to the Tonnen Tumult oil drum furniture piece using digital print stickers.

Production information

The furniture is well made, but optically perfectly imperfect! Yes, you heard right! Because oil drum furniture are upcycling products that modify industrial goods that have already been used to create unique pieces of furniture. And the best part? The mini flaws such as isolated dents or nail holes on the wooden boards are intentional and make the retro-industrial style perfect! The underside of the bottom fold may have slight scratches from the back and forth during processing – but who cares? These are not visible in use anyway! So, are you ready for a special kind of living adventure? Then get the “Tonnen Tumult” oil drum furniture now and let yourself be enchanted by its unique charm!

You can find all the other oil drum furniture in this overview. There are videos of all oil drum furniture on Instagram.


Black, Black-White, Green, Green-White, Lightblue, Lightblue-White, Orange, Orange-Black, Pink, Pink-White, Red, Red-White, White, White-Black, Yellow, Yellow-Black


60 cm


62 cm

Seat height

36 cm


12 kg

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