Oil drum washbasins

The sinks and washbasins by 'Tonnen Tumult' oildrum.shop

These stylish loft style washbasins are extremely practical oil barrel furniture and make a wonderful choice as a round barrel sink and washbasin, free-standing or placed in the corner. There are also space-saving ¾ barrels with stainless steel sinks for wall mounting. The 'Tonnen Tumult' washbasin barrels are made from used 200 liter oil drums and can be used, for example, in the workshop, in the outdoor kitchen or in the guest toilet. An upcycling product in a simple industrial design. The 20 centimeter deep stainless steel basin invites you not only to wash your hands but also to do the dishes. It is an oil drum washbasin with a vanity unit, generous shelves under the basin offer plenty of storage space for towels or cleaning agents. Here at 'Tonnen Tumult' oildrum.shop you can buy barrel furniture in many variations or just collect your own personal oil drum ideas to build yourself.

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