Barrel cabinet small “Butch”


This closet comes in three different sizes!

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The barrel cabinet small as a bedside table or side table

“Butch” is a unique piece of oil drum furniture, this barrel cabinet small is handcrafted from a used 50 liter steel drum. Particular value is placed on sustainability, because the metal barrel used is second hand. The firmly welded shelf inside the round cabinet is placed in the middle and offers enough storage space for a wide variety of things. The extra stabilized door allows easy access to the contents. This oil drum cabinet is designed in such a way that the door can be opened to both sides – simply turn the drum over and you’re done. Everything is manufactured perfectly, top and bottom made the same. The robust lock of the door ensures security, a padlock can also be attached here.

In order to protect the floor covering and the surrounding edges, a circumferential rubber coating is attached to the barrel edges. In addition, all cut edges of the door are provided with a black edge protection, practical and optically nice. “Butch” the oil drum cabinet is available in stock in many matt colors, making it perfect for any room. The small round cabinet is dent-free and completely varnished, including the underside and the inside. Also perfectly usable as a bedside table, side table or oil drum coffee table.

We have this oil barrel cabinet in three different sizes. “Butch” is the smallest of all, the larger variants “Vinc” and “Jules” are made from a 100 and 200 liter steel barrel and are also ideal as an oil barrel house bar or minibar.

Processing of the oil drum nightstand

This oil drum cabinet is part of the Unico series from “Tonnen Tumult” Exclusive upcycling products are made of the very best quality. Dent free and multi coat painted (filled, primed, painted & clear coated). Take a look at our other oil drum furniture, you can find all “Unico” products here. An overview of all “Tonnen Tumult” oil drum furniture here. You can also find videos of our barrel furniture on our Instagram account.

With its unique look, the barrel cabinet is an eye-catcher and gives your home a rustic touch. Convince yourself of the quality and sustainability of the oil barrel cabinet small “Butch” and order today!


Black, Bricks, Flames, Grey, Red, White


ca. 42cm


ca. 50 cm


ca. 10 kg

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