Oil drum wall shelf “Tim”


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Oil drum wall shelf “Tim” – Barrel furniture by oildrum.shop

A hanging shelf made from a 200 liter oil drum. ‘Wall shelf Tim’ can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. as a bookshelf, as a round shelf for your decorative items, as a kitchen shelf, as a wine shelf or as a hanging minibar for bottles and glasses. The wall shelf is also very popular with cats, screw your darling to the wall with a place to sleep, so you have a hanging cat bed in the room in no time at all.

The cuted metal oil barrel piece has a flamed wooden shelf inside, a metal rod protects the things placed there from falling. Under the wooden surface there is space for more bottles lying on the bottle rack. An edge protection secures the edge of the barrel, holes for screwing to the wall are of course available. The ‘Tim’ barrel wall shelf is painted speckled gray on the inside, and we have various matt colors in our oildrum.shop stock for the outside. So simple and yet so stylish. The oil barrel rack is an industrial design by oildrum.shop, we have a lot of different oil barrel furniture.

You can find more beautiful upcycling wall shelves, bottle shelves and standing shelves below oil drum shelves and cabinets.

Here’s a hint: The barrel furniture are of the best workmanship but visually perfectly imperfect! They are upcycling products, i.e. industrial goods that have already been used and have been modified into a piece of drum furniture. The barrel furniture has a few small dents under the new paint and the dead wooden boards have small nail holes. These small blemishes are also visible after processing and are also intentional! This is part of our industrial style!


black, orange, yellow, red, blue


ca. 60cm


ca. 30cm


ca. 60cm


ca. 8kg

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