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This closet comes in three different sizes!

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Oil drum cabinet / home bar with door

“Vinc” is the perfect piece of furniture for you – a unique oil drum cabinet! Handcrafted from a used 100 liter steel barrel, this round cabinet exudes sustainability and uniqueness. But that’s not all – the firmly welded shelf inside the cabinet offers you plenty of storage space for your favorite treasures. And what about the door? Don’t worry, “Vinc” has you covered here too – because it’s made extra stable and can be opened on both sides. How it works? The cabinet is completely symmetrical at the top and bottom, simply turn it upside down and the door opens on the other side. The door’s sturdy latch ensures your contents are kept safe. And if you want even more security, you can even attach a U-lock.

But the look of the “Vinc” oil barrel cabinet is also impressive! The surrounding rubber coating on the barrel edges above and below and the black edge protection on the cut edges of the door serve as protection and also look stylish. And if you think that’s all, you’re wrong – the barrel cabinet is stocked in many matte colors, making it perfect for any room. Whether as a house bar, minibar, side table or shelf – “Vinc” convinces all along the line. So, what are you waiting for? Get your new favorite piece of furniture from “Tonnen Tumult” oildrum.shop now!

We have this great oil drum cabinet in three different sizes and each variant has its own charm. “Vinc” is the medium cabinet and brings a good portion of style to every room. But if you want it really great, then get “Jules” – the huge oil barrel house bar made of a 200 liter steel barrel. Just imagine how you will impress your friends when you receive them at this bar! And if you prefer something smaller, then “Butch” is just right for you – a small side table or bedside table made from a 50 liter barrel. No matter what size you choose, this oil drum cabinet will charm you and your guests with its energy and liveliness inspire!

The processing of the oil barrel cabinets

Let yourself be inspired by our “Unico” series! Each piece of furniture is an exclusive upcycling product that is manufactured to the very best quality. No dents, no scratches, but painted in many layers – filled, primed, painted several times and clear-coated. The “Butch”, “Vinc” & “Jules” cabinets are Unico products.

We have many other oil drum furniture that will enhance your home. Take a look at the entire Unico range from “Tonnen Tumult” oildrum.shop here. Or follow us on Instagram and be inspired by our videos.

Our oil drum cabinet “Vinc” is a true work of art and will add a stylish touch to your home. The unique look will inspire you and your guests. And the best part? You are doing something good for the environment because every piece of furniture is sustainably produced. So, what are you waiting for? Convince yourself of the quality and sustainability of our oil barrel cabinet and order today! Let yourself be carried away by our convincing tonality and give your home the ultimate barrel kick!


Black, Bricks, Flames, Grey, Red, White


ca. 42cm


ca. 80 cm


ca. 13 kg

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