Oil drum side table / stool “Tony”

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Upcycling oil drum side table / stool in zinc look

The oil drum side table/stool “Tony” is a unique and sustainable upcycling product. This barrel table is made from a galvanized 60 liter oil drum. The barrel has been carefully crafted and provided with a pallet wood seat and shelf to provide you with a visual experience. The inside of the barrel offers you enough storage space to store your things. The additional shelf space on the top of the barrel inside gives you the opportunity to place magazines or other items. The design of the “Tony” oil drum side table / stool is industrial rustic and fits perfectly into any indoor or outdoor space.

The edges of the cutout from the oil barrel are provided with black edge protection. This plastic strap with a metal core provides security and further visual enhancement. The wooden surfaces made from disposable pallet wood were carefully cut, sanded and lightly flamed to show the wood structure more clearly. The surfaces were then painted with clear varnish. The zinc surface of the oil barrel furniture was lightly sanded and sealed inside and out.

Upcycling note on zinc oil barrel furniture

Please note that the barrel is used and therefore shows some signs of wear, such as small scratches and light patina spots. However, these give the product even more character and make it a unique and individual piece of furniture in industrial and loft design.
If you are looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly piece of furniture that is functional and stylish at the same time, then the “Tony” oil drum side table / stool is the perfect choice for you. Order today and experience the unique design and quality of this product.

You can find many more oil barrel ideas under All Oil Barrel Furniture. We also have other great barrel furniture made from these galvanized metal barrels. The upholstered stool “Tom”, wall shelf “Jim” or our great oil barrel clocks, for example. You can also find us on Instagram, where there are always new videos about all the oil barrel furniture and our new releases.






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