Barrel hanging chair “Chill”


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Unico is a Tonnen Tumultspecial series and impresses in quality and exclusivity. The ‘Chill’ hanging chair has been designed so that the hanging point is ideally positioned and delivers an extremely comfortable seating position for the guest. The side openings provide views out and into the seating barrel. ‘Chill’ can be suspended anywhere that is convenient… from existing beams, steel girders or appropriate anchors in the concrete ceiling. We recommend the use of a strong chain and a swing spring (not included).

Like all pieces of furniture from the Unico series, the hanging chair also comes with a comfortable seat, covered with a robust, black PVC cover. Available in matt black or in an elaborate airbrush design. Lettering is possible.

Can’t find a hanging point at your place? Here you will find an additional stand for the hanging barrel ‘Chill’.

“Chill” hanging chair and this matching holder can also be used outdoors, the upholstery cover and the paint are weatherproof. Nevertheless, we recommend placing the furniture under a roof or covering it if it is not used for a long time so that the unique look is preserved for many years.

Unico is a Tonnen Tumult special series and impresses in quality and exclusivity. Extremely comfortable armchairs with high backrests, all seating furniture with firmly attached seat cushions and a table with storage space and tabletop made of safety glass. All metal barrel furniture such as the hanging chair ‘Chill’and also the bar stool ‘Ruby’ are Tonnen Tumult exclusive products, you will not find comparable oil barrel furniture like the Unico series anywhere else.

Our oil barrel furniture are upcycling products, i.e. industrial goods that have already been used and have been modified into a piece of furniture.


Black, Bricks, Flames


60 cm


112 cm


15 kg

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