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The barrel castor board for oil drum furniture

The tailor-made barrel caster board for oil drum furniture. ‘Rolli’ is a practical sliding helper for most 200 liter vertically built oil drum furniture from “Tonnen Tumult” oil The oil drum furniture roller board can be easily clamped under the oil drum afterwards. The board disappears through the all-round fold of the metal barrel, slipping out is no longer possible. With its four small plastic rollers, the barrel castor board ‘Rolli’ prevents scratches on floor coverings. Ideal if the oil drum table, the oil drum chair or the oil drum stool has to be moved frequently (e.g. for floor cleaning).

The sliding helper ‘Rolli’ is suitable, for example, for the ‘Leo’ armchair, ‘Noa’ stool/’Noa’ table, ‘Otto’ coffee table (each without a glass top) and for the ‘Kai’ shelf oil drum. Also suitable for the barrel furniture of the Unico series, such as the ‘Frieda’ oil barrel armchair or the ‘Alina’ oil barrel coffee table (without glass top). The height of the oil drum furniture increases by five centimetres. Barrel furniture roller board ‘Rolli’ is a smart little helper by “Tonnen Tumult” and also compatible with many other oil barrel furniture with a diameter of 58 / 59 centimeters.

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