Oil drum bar table “Eddy”


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The Tonnen Tumult bar table in retro style. Not a millimeter of space is wasted here, because there are three large storage compartments in the barrel, ideal for glasses, bottles, dishes or anything else. The area between the barrel and the tabletop also offers additional storage options. All surfaces including the tabletop are made of elaborately restored pallet boards, all cut to size, sanded, flamed and clear varnished several times. The raised table top is enclosed in a solid steel frame and stands on four beveled, robust feet that resemble small shock absorbers The cut edges on the barrel are fitted with edge protectors and the contours are color-contrasted. The upcycled 200-litre steel barrel shines in matt lacquer, the inside of the barrel and the table frame are marbled grey. Bar table ‘Eddy’ is an extremely practical eye-catcher and stands out in all points from the broad mass of barrel bar tables.

Do you have a very specific color preference and would also like your logo on the barrel? Ask about our branding service, we will be happy to implement your ideas.

At this point, we would like to point out that Tonnen Tumult furniture are perfectly finished but visually imperfect! They are upcycled products, i.e., already used industrial goods that have been modified into a piece of furniture. The bins have occasional small dents under the new lacquer and the wooden boards have small nail holes. These mini-flaws are visible even after processing and are also intentional! This is retro-industrial style! In addition, the underside of the bottom fold or the feet can have slight scratches due to motion during processing, but these are not visible in use (as written, underside).


Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow

Diameter table

80 cm

Diameter oil drum

60 cm


110 cm

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