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The silver magnet board from ‘Tonnen Tumult’ oildrum.shop

This is the round magnet memo board “Cap” consists of the upper part of a galvanized 60 liter oil drum. The top of the barrel was severed, but not flush with the oil barrel cover, but with part of the barrel. The magnet board stands 14 centimeters from the wall and it looks as if the rest of the oil barrel has disappeared into the wall. The caps from the oil barrel are of course present and visible. For a secure hold on the wall, a wall hanger was welded to the back of the magnetic board and the cut edge is equipped with a black edge protection. The round oil drum memo board fits perfectly in the kitchen, living room or office, but is also wonderful in the children’s or teenager’s room.

Note: The metal magnetic board is a handmade upcycling product and was made from a used barrel. The galvanized surface has been brushed, cleaned and sealed. The magnetic board can therefore have scratches and even small rust patina spots, which gives our oil drum furniture its special industrial flair. Magnets and decoration are not included.

In the barrel furniture online-shop by ‘Tonnen Tumult’ you will find a lot of fantastic oil barrel furniture, including barrel armchairs, oil barrel bar tables, barrel sofas and oil barrel lamps.









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