Oil barrel wall clock “Foxy”

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The extraordinary wall clock made from an oil barrel top

This metal clock was once a 60 liter barrel. The galvanized oil barrel was cut up, and we left a whole piece of the upper barrel part. Hanging on the wall, the “Foxy” oil barrel clock looks as if the entire oil drum is stuck in the wall. The vintage wall clock is nice and big and the caps in the top part of the barrel stand in place of the twelve and six on the dial. A stable hanger is welded into the back of the modern wall clock and the cut edge is equipped with a black edge protection.

The silver oil barrel wall clock is a real eye-catcher and fits in every room. The handmade oil barrel clock is an upcycling product and the blank was a used, galvanized oil barrel. During production, the zinc surface was lightly sanded and sealed, so the watch has signs of wear, such as those found on a second-hand barrel. It may have light scratches with rust patina, that’s the ‘Tonnen Tumult’ vintage style.

Other oil drum furniture from our repertoire are our oil barrel coffee tables, many different oil barrel seating furniture or our washstands, which are also made from old barrels.









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