Oil barrel cat bed “Sweety”

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The small oil barrel cat bed

The enchanting oil barrel cat bed “Sweety” is an absolute dream for small cats or dogs. It consists of a split 50 liter oil drum. The barrel has been thoroughly sanded, primed and painted several times to achieve a robust and attractive appearance. Black edge protection adorns the cutout edges of the barrel. “Tonnen Tumult” oil barrel furniture offers different colors of the “Sweety” oil barrel pet bed so that you can choose the bed to match your decor. Overall, this pet bed is both stylish and practical for small pets. Due to its round shape, it is particularly comfortable as a place for cats to sleep. The bed promises a comfortable place to sleep and at the same time attracts everyone’s attention – no matter which room it is placed in.
However, please note: The dog bed does not include an inner padding included in the price. However, you can find a wide selection of suitable cushions online or at pet food stores, with which you can design the bed according to your individual preferences and ensure the comfort of your pet. Maybe your four-legged friend’s favorite blanket will even fit perfectly with it!

Note on the upcycled animal beds

The “Sweety” dog bed / cat bed is a new and innovative product made from recycled industrial barrels. By using recycled materials, we actively contribute to environmental protection and help reduce the impact on nature. What makes this bed special is its striking industrial style, which is further emphasized by small dents and scratches under the new paint. These loving details give the bed an authentic charm and make it a real eye-catcher in any room.

Also get to know our other beds for dogs and cats: The larger “Big Sweety” pet bed has the same round design as this model and therefore offers the perfect sleeping place for your beloved cat. The “Buddy” and “Big Buddy” models, on the other hand, were specifically developed as comfortable resting places for larger dogs and cats or for several cats.


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