Oil drum washbasin & sink “Sam”

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Incredibly stylish and so practical! The hand washing barrel ‘Sam’ is built from a 200-liter metal barrel and is an extremely useful eyecatcher. The washbasin barrel can also be used as a sink, because the high-quality stainless-steel sink (Ø 40cm) is selected extra deep. A 35mm hole provides space for any standard washing or sink faucet, this is not included Two holes (Ø 40mm & 50mm) are prepared at the back of the barrel for the fresh and waste water pipes. In the lower part of the barrel there are two practical shelves with generous storage space. The edges are provided with a secure PVC piping tape and the shelves are made of recycled pallet wood: sanded, flamed and clear varnished several times. The interior color is mottled gray and the exterior color is your choice. Great Tonnen Tumult barrel!

Note: Please have the installation of the washbasin tap and drain including the overflow installed and sealed by a specialist. We are not liable for any water damage. Also: This is where water meets metal, if there is permanent water in the edges of the barrel, a rust pantina will eventually develop.

At this point, we would like to point out that Tonnen Tumult furniture are perfectly finished but visually imperfect! They are upcycled products, i.e., already used industrial goods that have been modified into a piece of furniture. The bins have occasional small dents under the new lacquer and the wooden boards have small nail holes. These mini-flaws are visible even after processing and are also intentional! This is retro-industrial style! In addition, the underside of the bottom fold or the feet can have slight scratches due to motion during processing, but these are not visible in use (as written, underside).


black, orange, yellow, red, blue.


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