Oil drum seating groups

The barrel seating groups by 'Tonnen Tumult' oildrum.shop

The combination of oil barrel chairs, oil drum sofas and barrel tables. Get oil drum ideas here and put together your own 'Tonnen Tumult' oildrum.shop seating group by putting the individual oil drum furniture in the shopping cart. Here you will find a small selection of loft-style lounge oil barrel seating groups for sale. This could be the angular "Nino" oil drum table with two "Evi" barrel sofas, or an "Ed" oil drum bar table with matching "Ruby" oil drum bar stools. The "Mick" oil barrel dining table can also be combined with several "Frieda" barrel chairs, the "Liam" oil barrel chairs or the exclusive "Carla" oil barrel sofa. There are endless possible combinations, you can build your own oil drum furniture or put it together individually here at 'Tonnen Tumult' oildrum.shop and buy it as an oil drum seating group. Suitable for any use, whether as an oil drum seating lounge privately for the terrace or garage. Commercially provided with a logo, the oil drum seating areas are super practical eye-catchers with oversized advertising effectiveness.

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