barrel castor board

Barrel furniture castor board by "Tonnen Tumult"

This are practical sliding helpers for oil drum furniture in a vertical design. Ideal if the barrel furniture needs to be moved from time to time. With the castor board, you can easily move the table or armchair and protect the floor. These custom made roller boards are placed under the round side of the oil drum. The massive all-round oil drum edge clamps the castor board perfectly and it is no longer possible for the roller board to slip out. If the two oil barrel caps are on the underside of your barrel furniture, there are suitable cutouts in the oil barrel roller board. Suitable for all barrels with a diameter of 58 to 59 centimeters. A perfect addition to the oil barrel table, the oil barrel stool, various oil barrel shelves or the oil barrel armchair. A barrel furniture idea by "Tonnen Tumult"

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